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Nehemiah Autism Center
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Gerji Branch
Account no. 1000009335308
Swift code: CBETETAA
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



*** Donate (ስጦታ) ***

Thank you for your donation. ስለስጦታ እጅግ ኣርገን ናመሰግናለን!!!

Director of Nehemiah Autism CeneterAutism all over the world is the same. However, when this problem coupled with poverty it makes it unbearable for families. Most parents in Ethiopia with autistic children end up in divorce, mental depression and live in poverty. There is also a lot of stigma and discrimination in the society due to the reason that people believe most mental problems caused by curse or sin committed by their respective families. Therefore besides giving the necessary training in our center we have a lot of work in creating awareness about autism in the society.