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Nehemiah Autism CenterNehemiah Autism Center has a license from Charities and Societies Agency, which is a concerned governmental office, and has rented a house to receive autistic children. We started work on Jun 16, 2011 after we got our license on 31 August 31, 2010. At the moment we are giving training and treating Autistic children in our center. Our NGO is non-profit and a non-governmental organization.
Treating and teaching is FREE
Our center will not charge a fee for treating these children. Out of all the children we accepted, 60% of the autistic children are from poor families. We only accept contributions from parents willingly.
We also provide transportation free of charge for those families who can't afford to send their autistic children to the center due to the reason that it is difficult to use public transport for these kind of children.
Our Vision
Nehemiah Center aspires to see every ASD child is cared for, parents of ASD children are supported and awareness about autism created in the society.
Our Mission
Nehemiah Center's mission is to provide care, instruction and support for children with autism and related disabilities - promoting cognitive, emotional and relational growth through individualized programs, while providing counseling and support to parents, especially mothers as they deal with these particularly difficult challenges; teaching the parents to become active participants in their child's education and development; and finally, to raise public awareness of the nature and prevalence of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


Nehemiah Autism Center
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Gerji Branch
Account no. 1000009335308
Swift code: CBETETAA
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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Director of Nehemiah Autism CeneterAutism all over the world is the same. However, when this problem coupled with poverty it makes it unbearable for families. Most parents in Ethiopia with autistic children end up in divorce, mental depression and live in poverty. There is also a lot of stigma and discrimination in the society due to the reason that people believe most mental problems caused by curse or sin committed by their respective families. Therefore besides giving the necessary training in our center we have a lot of work in creating awareness about autism in the society.